Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adult Assisted Living Is The Right Choice For Some Baby Boomers

When its time to find a place to live in after retirement, some baby boomers need different choices of places to live than others. That sounds like kind of a silly thing to say, but it wasn't very long ago that there were not any choices of where to live after retiring. All you got was nursing home. Period.

Nowadays, seniors who are very independent can choose to live in active retirement communities and those who need a just a little bit of help during the day can live in special adult assisted living facilities for seniors.

Nursing homes pretty much treat everyone who lives there as if they needed around the clock nursing care. Some of them do and some of them don't. But if you live in a nursing home, you are going to get that kind of care.

Active senior retirement villages are really just community developments where all the properties are owned by baby boomers; usually you need to be over 55 to get a residence there. But adult assisted living facilities for seniors are right in the middle.

Some people just need a little bit of extra help to get through their day. Lots of times these are people who are older seniors, 75 or 80 or so. But in many instances, because there simply are so many baby boomers, many of the younger senior folks are turning to assisted living places as well.

Living in one of those places is dependent on how much help the senior would need in the course of a day. Sometimes, all somebody needs is a bit of help fixing meals; and if that's the case, then an assisted living facility could be just the ticket. The residents live in their own individual condos or apartments, and the staff is assigned to help them with whatever care they need.

The idea is to help the seniors keep as much independence as is possible and still have a great day every day. A lot of people, especially the baby boomers, grew up as very independent people. They knew what they wanted and had no qualms about going out to get it. So they do not want to be completely dependent on a nursing staff for their daily activities.

And the idea that maintaining the maximum amount of independence is important is why adult assisted living facilities for baby boomers are the perfect kind of arrangement. Not too much help, but just enough to make the days go perfectly.

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